CITY SPACE - Two-tier bicycle parking


More than double the amount of bicycles in the same space.

A constant rise in the need for bicycle parking in the urban space calls for intelligent bicycle parking solutions. With two tier bicycle parking, it is possible to offer cyclists more parking opportunities where they are needed whilst freeing more space in town.

CITY SPACE is developed under consultation with an ergo therapist and is simple and easily accessible for all. Parking in the bottom tier is straight forward. When parking on the top tier, an inbuilt gas spring ensures controlled and easy operation. The parking frame extends and lowers to the ground, it then functions as a ramp. The bicycle rolls easily onto the ramp and with the help of the gas spring system, the parking frame rises easily and slots into place. In the same manner the gas spring helps to lower the parking frame smoothly and easily when the bicycle is retrieved from the top tier.

The bicycles are spaciously parked in the CITY SPACE rack and this gives the possibility for further space optimisation as the centre distance can be reduced to 375-400 mm rather than the traditional 500-600 mm.
The racks have conical holders for front and rear wheels which are suitable for all tire types and ensure that bicycles stand stable in the rack. The holders are formed to allow space for lights and front wheel hubs.
If the bicycle needs extra security in the rack, a lock bracket can be chosen, which gives the opportunity to lock the cycle frame to the rack.

CITY SPACE can be used indoors and outdoors and can be supplied with both single sided or double sided racks. The system is modulated, so it is possible to add more racks, if demand for bicycle parking increases.

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Two-tier bicycle parking is a space saving, flexible and economic solution. The rack is easy to operate as the inbuilt gas spring assists in raising and lowering the bicycle. The rack can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Hot-dip galvanised steel with possibility for powder coating.
Mechanical forces may cause the powder coating to peel.
Standard colours: contact Customer Service
Wheel rail:
Lift with bicycle on top tier max 15 kg.

Rubber modified Polyamide (PA), black RAL 9005               
Modular design:
Modules with 8 / 12 / 16 spaces, single sided 
Modules with 16 / 24 / 32 spaces, double sided
Can be extended with additional sections.

Centre distance 
Centre distance between spaces are optional between 375 mm and 400 mm
Placed loose on the ground
Minimum ground clearance 2750 mm



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