C.F. Møller Design

Timeless Nordic design.

The NORD range comprises attractive benches, tables and seats. The range is defined by simple and clean design that is characterised by the beauty of natural wood as the bearing element, contrasted with a great looking steel frame. Depending on choice of colour and wood, NORD can be classic and elegant or fresh and playful, with highly accentuated colours. This means that there is plenty of freedom of choice when it comes to defining how you want to represent the range. It is also possible to adapt the various pieces to different environments.

Stylish structure should be a matter of course, and emphasises the modern, timeless design of the NORD range. NORD offers good seating comfort and has a characteristic composition between stanchion and gable end, which gives the product range a strong identity. The separated seat and back give the bench a light and open appearance, the broad planks bringing a certain robustness to the design.

The individual elements of the NORD range are attractive in their own right and can be used individually or as practical table-bench ensembles, with cohesive runs of plinths and benches, or perhaps as seat groups.

It is possible to choose between two attractive wood varieties, such as OrganoWood or untreated mahogony (FSC®-certificate). The frame is a hot-dip galvanised steel construction, with the option of powder coating in your chosen colour.

Specifications & downloads

Frame body
43 x 8 mm
Tubing: Ø76
Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated.
210 x 43 mm
OrganicWood or untreated mahogony (FSC®-certificate).

Available as an additional item, option for subsequent mounting.
Hot-dip galvanised steel. Can also be powder coated.

The seat is available as either a fixed or rotating version.

Casting or bolted to the ground.

Model numbers and descriptions:
BNO1000: Nord armrest component
BNO1001: Nord Bench
BNO1002: Nord Backless bench
BNO1003: Nord Stol
BNO1004: Nord table
BNO1009: Nord corner module
BNO+ Nord Serie of components
BNO+N Nord Serie of components - embedment
BNO+T Nord Serie of components - movable


Samlevejledning - nummer Beskrivelser:
10730100 manual, bench, embedment
10730101 manual, backless bench, embedment
10730102 manual, table, embedment
10730103 manual, stol F, embedment
10730104 manual, stol D, embedment
10730105 manual, bench, mounting
10730106 manual, backless bench, mounting
10730107 manual, table, mounting
10730108 manual, stol F, mounting
10730109 manual, stol D, mounting
10730110 manual, bench - bench, embedment
10730111 manual, bench - bench, mounting
10730112 manual, backless bench - backless bench, embedment
10730113 manual, backless bench - backless bench, mounting
10730114 manual, bench - backless bench, embedment
10730115 manual, bench - backless bench, mounting
10730116 manual, backless backless bench - bench, embedment
10730117 manual, backless backless bench - bench, mounting
10730118 manual, bench-45-bench, embedment 
10730119 manual, bench-45-bench, mounting
10730120 manual, backless bench-45-backless bench, embedment 
10730121 manual, backless bench-45-backless bench, mounting
10730122 manual, bench-45-banckless bench embedment 
10730123 manual, bench-45-backless bench, mounting 
10730124 manual, backless bench-45-bench, embedment 
10730125 manual, backless bench-45-bench, mounting


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